Behind the scene

Studio Tantine Genesis

From Engineer to the Fashion Industry

I am a fashion lover and an engineer. As far as I know, I’ve always been sewing thanks to my grandma who brought me into sewing.

After few years of working as an engineer, I wanted to evolve in another field that I like : the fashion industry.
I decided to go back to school to learn more thing about fashion.

I’ve always wanted to evolve in a technical field. At that time my goal was to work as a pattern maker . I can’t help it, I love the technical aspect of construction.

The Fashion Industry

I went back to class and I had a deep dive in the fashion industry. That’s were I’ve seen the backstage of the fashion industry, behind the magazine, photoshoot, the runway….etc…
A deep dive on how were made the clothes, who were making those clothes, and for how much…

Bangladesh Children labor in the Fast Fashion Industry | Horn Necklace
Sarah Beekmans

I was shocked that people were making clothes for few cents an hour, see kids working, people working in really poor conditions just so we can have cheaper clothes that wasn’t lasting very long.

This makes me want to change my way of buying clothes and living the fashion. Buy less clothes, and more ethically made.

What about people who loves fashion ?

There was a problem : I wanted to buy clothes that were still stylish, but sustainable. Colorful, but ethical, etc…

There wasn’t many options for people like me, that like the colorful and design aspect of fashion but that are looking for more fairly made clothes.

Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of ethical brand proposing capsule wardrobe, etc… etc…

But, it didn’t look like me at all, I mean.. I like colors, blousing shapes.

Deep down, I knew that there were plenty of people like me.

I strongly believe that fashion can be ethical in different way. I mean, buying vintage clothes is a way, sewing all of your clothes is another one.

Making slow fashion clothes is another one and this is the path that I’ve chosen. I want to make clothes for people like me, wanting to buy stylish clothes yet ethical.

Studio Tantine was born.

Making clothes with purpose

I need and I want the clothes we are making to have a purpose, to stand for something.

Lately, I’ve been really concerned about the harm toward women and children in DRC. They are being abused by their own army or militia.

Panzi Foundation

Deeply concerned by this subject, our clothes are a tribute to all the abused woman in Congo, in the world.

I wanted to share their stories through my design (that’s were my obsession with gather came from). They may have been suffering, but they are still standing and aimed to a better future.

I wanted to be more involved that just share awareness on this subject. I’ve committed to myself to give a percentage of every sales to the organization that take care of women & children suffering from abuse.

With Studio Tantine, I stand for a change in the fashion industry, I stand for all the abused woman & children, I stand for equality, I stand with the Black Live Matter movement.

And you, what do you stand for ?

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