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What colors do we want to wear this summer ?

With the summer coming, we want to wear colors that flatter the tan of our skin, that smell like summer.

I don’t know about you, but for us summer smells like fresh lemonade at the café, laying in flowers, swimming in the sea, chilling with our loved ones…

When we think about summer, we dream about the following colors. Yellow, lilac, and celadon.

Guess, what ? These are the 2020 summer colors as seen from Jacquemus to  Erdem runways.

How can you pull off these colors ?

You can wear those colors in their bold version, or you can wear them in their pastel tone. We would suggest you to wear in their pastel tone this summer 2020.


How create a nice color palette for your look ?

First of all, here is a trend that you can’t do wrong :

  • The monochrome outfit.

    You can either rock the same color head to toe, or variation of the same color. We guarantee, that either way, you will look good ! 

  • Color Block :
    For this association, we will recommend you to choose a pastel and a bright color that goes well with each other.

    For example, you can pair a Pastel Lilac, with a bright orange, a yellow.. etc…

As usual, we curated fabric that would align with our values to propose you some bomb awesome piece for this summer. 

Get ready to wear, lilac, yellow and celadon blue.