Moyi : Studio Tantine Summer 2020

Our new collection Moyi is a message of hope. It comes as a reminder to ourselves.

Moyi means “sun”, “sunlight” in lingala, one of my mother tongues.

After all the darkness we’ve been through: the Covid-19, police brutality and the strong resurgence of the Black Live Matter movement, and so on. It was really important to come with a message of hope.

The sun always rise after darkness. That’s why we named our latest drop Moyi.

As usual, I also needed to convey a message of hope regarding the fashion industry and its impact on workers, and on the planet.

The sun is also rising on the fashion industry, making people aware of their bad practices and demanding a real change!

After having spent a lot of time in lock-down, for this summer we wanted to design clothes that will allow the sun to ruffle our back like a warm hug. Bare back, tank top, and more will be a part of our Moyi drop.

As usual, we curated fabric from our dead stock supplier and some linen so the breeze can gently skim our skin through the clothes.

For this summer, we were looking for feel-good colors that would feel like summer, its warm and its softness. We decided to go with pastel tones with a touch of pop colors.

The sun rise on our Moyi drop.

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