How to wear a pant suit this summer ?

The pant suit is a major trend at the moment, but it is also a trend that won’t go anywhere. 

We wear pant suit to go to work, to dinner, date, events.
I’ll speak for myself, it may be my favorite piece of all time, it makes your feel so powerful and sophisticated when wearing one.

Nowadays, the pantsuit is worn a little bit oversized, and I won’t complain about it (I’ll will address my love for oversized pieces another day) as a matter fact, here are some styling idea to level up the way you wear your pantsuit.

 The Full Suit

You can do no wrong if you wear a full suit, right ? 
First of all, wear your tailored vest a little bit oversized.
Next, let’s make it more fashionable by not wearing anything below your vest. Yes, treat your vest like a top and wear it without anything but your lingerie (or not) beneath.

With a knit bustier
One word : Shoulders

Wearing bustier top and showing your shoulders really elevate your look and somehow make you look really sophisticate. Pair it with minimalist gold jewels and you have THE look. 

You don’t want to wear any bustier, a knit one elevate your look to another level.

I let you see by yourself, they both look so chic yet so fashionable.

Image from @modeamour 


With lace sandals 
This might be our biggest crush and it comes with another trend, the laced up sandals.
Lace up your sandals around the pantsuit and create a new shape for your pant.

Image from @filis_pina