Forever isn’t for everyone, is forever for you ?

Lately I’ve came across a dress that my mother was wearing 30 years ago.
She’s a keeper, so I’ve been asking her for ages to show me the dress.

Back in 1994, my mother wearing THE dress.

Last week, she went through her stuffs and finally found the dress. I couldn’t be more amazed, the dress itself was really gorgeous. It was like the time had no take on the dress. It was still impeccable.

I mean the dress was really impeccable. The accessories didn’t rust. The fabric didn’t move. As if she bought this dress just yesterday.

I had to find the label! It turns out that the dress was “made in France” and out of natural fabric for the most part of it (92%).

I’ve asked her, about that dress : where did she found it, how much did it cost…
She told me that it was expensive, but she knew that it was a good quality dress that would last.

She’s now passing it to her children. My sisters and I are currently fighting to know who’s going to take the dress because it’s so gorgeous. But that’s another story…

Quality…We always go back to quality.

Quality may take time, it may cost a little bit more, but quality lasts!

There is no greater achievement than creating pieces that could go through the ages and can be passed from hand to hand.

It takes time to select the right fabric that will last. It takes time to put together design that will be able to go through the year without being out of style.

It takes time to sew those product just for you, so it will last.

But we want forever to be for you.

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