Curating fabric

As you may have seen it, many big fashion houses are now refusing to follow the current rythm of the fashion industry.
Tha lastest in YSL, they’ve deciced that they won’t be participating in the Fashion Week Calendar anymore and will have shows/ presentations when they feel like it.

At Studio Tantine, we strongly believe that we shouldn’t follow such the frenetic pace of fast fashion.That’s why we don’t really have collection, we rather have pieces that will drop some time to time, when we feel like it.

Of course, a such state of mind lead to a different way of producing clothes.

Today, let’s take a deep dive behind our doors and one of the most important process for us : curating fabric for our clothes.

We strongly believe that we should all do more steps toward a eco-friendly fashion industry. This is why we only curate naturak fabric. Some of our pieces are made with deadstock fabric.

What is deadstock fabric ?

Brands and houses are ordering fabric for their collections. If the colors doesn’t match what they’ve ordered, if they had too much fabric on their hands from previous collections, if a brand change its mind after ordering fabric then the perfectly usable fabric will end on a shelf.

Fabric on shelves, waiting to be released.

To make space, brands send this perfectly usable fabric to the landfills.
It could be linen, silk, coton… it will end up to landfill.

What a waste, right ?

Nobody puts deadstock in a corner !

We couldn’t get across that idea of dead fabric going to landfill and so did some of our retailers who are specialized in deadstocks.
They would travel all around the world to get their hand on some magnificent deadstocks. 

Deadstock looks like thriftshop. You have to dive to get your hand on fabric.

We spend hours in their warehouse curating the best fabric for you. Among those deadstock, we choose only natural fabrics.

We function with love at first sight, when you know you know.

Here are our latest color crush.

Linen, Double gauze and coton !

Get ready to spend a colorful summer with us !