« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. »

When brands and houses order fabric for their collections, if the colors doesn’t match what they’ve ordered, if they have too much fabric on their hands from previous collections, if a brand changes its mind after ordering fabric, then the perfectly usable fabric will end on a shelf.
To make space, brands send those perfectly usable fabric to the landfills.
It could be linen, silk, cotton, etc. It will end up to landfill.

« From leftover to striking outfits. »

We couldn’t get across that idea of dead fabric going to landfill and so did some of our retailers who are specialized in dead stocks, buying the « leftover » fabrics from French houses.

We cater to give a second life life to those fabrics and transform them into beautiful and timeless pieces.

« 100% of our fabric is sourced from dead stock,

100% of our fabric is made of natural fibers. »

Using dead stock, we work with small quantities of fabric, creating limited edition only.

Every piece is Made-to-Order, just for you by our seamstresses around Paris.

« Made Just for You. »

They work from the comfort of their homes and are dedicated to create pieces that you will love.

Every garment being made to order, they can be customized upon request (be shortened, add length, etc.) without additional charges.

You don’t see your size ? Send us your measurements and we will make it just for you without additional charges.

« Leftovers have never been so beautiful. »